Public speaking did not come to me easily. Growing up as a child, when I became nervous or angry, I would stutter. This speech challenge continued until I attended post secondary education in the USA.  I sought the help of a speech therapist who told me after six sessions,  that my stuttering was very mild and I should over look it. Both my speech therapist and academic advisor recommended I enroll in courses which involved presenting in front of my classes to improve on my speaking.

I overcame my shyness gradually and enjoyed speaking in public, and then decided  to pursue a career as a teacher.  Teaching gave me the confidence to present in front of different audiences.   After joining Tostmasters, an international association where people improve on their communication and leadership skills, I obtained the highest honor, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). I received outstanding evaluations from my peers and won first and second place at area contests.  In order to give back to the community, I became a certified World Class speaking coach under the mentorship of  Craig Valentine, MBA, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking of Toastmasters International.

If  a person like myself who was stuttering and overcame it, I believe with  proper coaching  I can help you wow your audience . Contact  me to set up a free 30-minute strategy session.


My mission as a certified world class speaking coach, is to help entrepreneurs wow their audience using proven communication strategies enabling them become sought-after speakers resulting in getting hired, re-hired and rewarded.

Give a man (woman) a speech and you make him(her) listen for a short time. Coach him (her) how to speak well, and you provide opportunities  for a lifetime!


Francisca Epale a Cameroonian by birth, Jamaican by heritage and Canadian by choice,  is  a Bilingual Educator for over two decades. She has taught French and English as a second language internationally in public schools, colleges, universities and language centres.

According to an assessment of Personality Dimensions, Francisca is an Inquiring Green and constantly strives to improve herself. She has a B.A. in French from Edinboro University, Edinboro, Pennsylvania, USA and a M.A. in Teaching from Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota, USA. Her certificates to teach English include:TESL Ontario from Canadian Centre for Language and Cultural Studies,Toronto, TESL Canada from Hansa Language Centre, Toronto and TESOL from Global TESOL college,Toronto. Since she has a passion for speaking and coaching others to become better speakers, she enrolled in Toastmasters where with many positive evaluations attained the coveted DTM ( Distinguished Toastmasters) the highest award bestowed on a Toastmasters member. Only 2% of members attain this position!

Francisca Epale a graduate of Landmark Education, Toronto, a personal development company, is a certified John Maxwell coach, teacher and speaker as well as a certified world class speaking coach. When she is not coaching she enjoys the outdoors, aerobics, writing books and tutoring French. She is currently an accredited community French interpreter in Ontario, Canada.


Through the lens of a language educator, speaking is considered one of the four language communication skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. I believe with the right coaching, daily practice, encouragement, environment, mindset,  and proven communication strategies, everyone has the potential of becoming an eloquent  speaker.

It is NOT what you say but HOW you say something that makes a difference.

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