Why readers should buy 
Secrets to Surviving in China as an Expatriate, second edition

  1. Just as people test-drive a car before driving it and prime a wall before painting;  it is important for readers to purchase this book before travelling to China to do business, study or teach.

  2. The book is good for culturally-sensitivity awareness.

  3. This is a good gift for your teenage children, nieces and nephews who take life for granted. After they read this book, they should appreciate life  better!

  4. Chinese people live on every continent and they are noted for their business acumen.  It is therefore a good idea to learn the norms and mores of the Chinese culture since they are fast taking over the world!

  5. The Naked Educator is an excellent book for those in Study Abroad, and Student Exchange programs with China. It is also recommended for professors and students in  the Departments of  Anthropology, East Asian Studies  and Sociology at colleges and universities.

Why I wrote the second edition


After I wrote The Naked Educator: How to Survive in the Middle Kingdom, a college professor who had read my book gave me a very  blunt criticism  and suggested I write a  second edition. This out-spoken professor suggested I revise and update the book so that it could be used as a textbook in the departments of East Asian Studies, Anthropology and Sociology at colleges and universities. 

He was no stranger to me because  he had already published two of my articles in his magazine,  so he was familiar with my style of writing. That is how the second edition was born.

First Edition Printed August, 8th, 2016

Differences between the first and the second editions.

  • The sub-title changed to cater to a larger niche market. It changed  from The Naked Educator: How to Survive in the Middle Kingdom 
    to The Naked Educator: Secrets to Surviving in China as an Expatriate, second edition.

  • The chapter titles are slightly different.

  • Questions for discussion have been included.

  • A comprehensive glossary has been added.

  • Unlike the first edition, the second one has a preface.

  • There are relevant quotations featured at the beginning of each chapter.

  • The references made are in the form of footnotes.

  • There are new endorsements.

  • The back cover is entirely about the author.

  • An E-book option is available in the second edition.



This book is loaded with great information and good ideas that you use immediately to survive and thrive in China.

Brian Tracey, International Motivational Speaker

The Naked Educator, is a must-read for those planning to teach in China. As an educator myself who has been to China several times for business and education projects, I have also trained Chinese teachers in professional development programs. I can totally relate to the
personal stories interwoven with humor as the culture and life-style is well-illustrated.

Jim Pellegrini ,BA., B.Ed., M.Ed.,Ph.D., TESOL Instructor, Director of Eastern Canada Operations and International Development